MILF 1038 - Family Company Takeover

35:03 video

Ambitious and money grubbing Rachel sees an opportunity to take control of a very successful family owned business. She is fiancée of the owner who has a college aged son and stepdaughter. The siblings hold half the stock in their name. She invites them for drinks with the aim of getting them to sign over control of their stock to Rachel. She hires a con man named Aaron who she has had dealings with in the past to pose as her son. His job is to work on the stepdaughter. The separate the two and go to work. The son is easy as Rachel teases him into signing his stock over before they have fantasy sex. She flirts with him until she can tell he is ready. She stands up and slowly strips off her clothes. This move takes him by surprise but he does not really have a chance. She tells him that his father travels a lot and is not always there to take care of her needs. As she tells them this she unzips his pants. She is happily surprised to see a big hard cock when she drops his pants. She crawls between his legs and takes as much of his cock as she can into her mouth. As he tit fucks Rachel her partner is working on the straight laced stepdaughter in the kitchen. He charms stepdaddy’s girl Misty, letting the drink take effect. She is so distracted by the fact a man is paying attention to her that she is completely unaware of what is going on in the living room. When Aaron knows that Misty is ready he suggests that they join his mother and her stepbrother in the living room. When they enter the living room they find her stepbrother having sex with Rachel she protests but Rachel’s partner quickly establishes control over her. His skills are such that the disorientated Misty finds herself in a state of euphoria. He quickly and smoothly gets her out of her clothes. Before she knows it she finds herself on her knees sucking cock next to her future stepmother. Rachel gets on her hands and knees and the son fucks her from behind. Misty is getting the same treatment. She is face to face with Rachel getting plowed from behind. The son is about to cum so Rachel stops and hands him the stock transfer paperwork. He is so focused on blowing his load that he signs the paperwork without reading it. Rachel finishes with the son with a big load on her face. Now she goes to help with Misty who is the key to the plan. She runs her hands over the young woman's body as she rides Aaron's cock. Misty is transformed from the quiet diligent stepdaughter into a sex crazed young person by Rachel and her partner. A submissive Misty happily signs over all her stock to Rachel. She continues to ride the cock. Aaron now has her calling him stepdaddy. Rachel lies back and tells Misty to lick her pussy. She jerks him off while licking away. He enters her from behind again. He fucks her until he is ready to cum. Misty gets a cock shoved down her throat as Rachel looks on. Rachel now just needs one more share for outright control of the company. Misty is ready and willing to serve Rachel. She will if necessary seduce her own stepfather to get her mistress that share. 

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