MILF 1042 - Best Friend's Hot Mom, Condom Revenge

47:51 video

Rachel had become completely dependent on her son since the divorce. She put all the household responsibilities on him and made him man of the house. David loved her but he needed to get away and experience life. He met a girl at college from Sweden. She convinced him to travel over the summer break to Europe with her. He knew his mother would not take the news well. Rachel tried to convince him to stay with her but he did not. Several lonely months later Rachel got a call from him, he asked if Inga’s brother Peter could stay at the house while he was going to attend the university. Rachel agreed as it would be nice to have a man back in her home. Peter arrived all the way from Sweden. He was very surprised at the way Rachel looked. He expected a conservative older woman. Rachel was curvy, busty, and beautiful. She had no idea of the power she had on men. Her eyes where captivating. She welcomed Peter and they enjoyed several fun filled days together. Peter slowly developed a crush on Rachel. David called Rachel with news that he was to wed Inga in Sweden. Rachel went into shock. She cried out as Peter ran to console her. Rachel took to her bed. She thought long and hard and her sadness turned to anger and resentment. She needed to get back at him for leaving her alone. She began to recollect all the compliments Peter had been giving her. She recalled the way he held the door for her, pulled her chair out, held her hand tight as they walked the beach. Rachel knew Peter would probably fall for her. If she had an affair with him maybe her son would become jealous and return to her. Rachel dressed in a sexy nightgown and high heel bedroom slippers. She came downstairs with a robe on. She began the seduction. Peter stuttered his words. Rachel knew she was getting to him. She did not know how easy it would be. She left him with an erection. Rachel was so worked up from the experience that she masturbated loudly in her room. Peter could hear her cries all the way downstairs. It just added to his misery. Rachel was not sure that the sex alone was enough to keep Peter loyal. She was worried Peter would leave her as well so she took a condom and poked several holes in it. Her plan was for him to impregnate her. Rachel would have a man and a new son to replace David. Rachel went to her room, changed her lingerie and called Peter. She dropped her robe asking him if he found her to be sexy and desirable. Peter fumbled over his words showering her with compliments. Rachel smiled and kissed the nervous young man. She took him to her bed and slowly seduced him into sex. He licked every inch of her body as Rachel just enjoyed and smiled. Rachel took over sucking and licking his hard cock. She begged him to fuck her nice and slow, to go in as deep as he could and cum hard into the condom. Rachel put the sabotaged condom on his cock and quickly mounted him. Rachel rode him then had him take her doggy style. She talked dirty to him to get him to cum hard. He shot a huge load into the sabotaged condom. Rachel quickly removed it. Peter was still hard so Rachel sucked him until she drained him of a second load. She asked Peter if he would like to stay longer with her. Peter of course agreed. For the time she had him under her sexual spell, let’s see what 9 months may bring…

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