MILF 1165 - Mind Control, XXXX Walkers

31:44 video

Stepsisters Rachel and Stacie had a history of sleepwalking. At night, as if entranced, they would rise from their beds and wander round the house in nothing but their skimpy bed clothes. Rachel’s stepson Kenny often found them lying in some strange spot the next morning - confused and unaware of how they had gotten there. The stepsisters grew increasingly concerned about their condition and went to see a specialist. His tests revealed that their sleepwalking was getting continually worse. He prescribed the some powerful pills and told Kenny to keep a close eye on the two women. Rachel and Stacie had to take their medication every night before going to bed. The specialist explained that a failure to do so would result in their behavior becoming ever more extreme and unpredictable. In addition, they would wake up without remembering anything they had done while asleep. Kenny was secretly excited by this fact. Although his stepmother and his aunt thought him a sweet and trustworthy young man, he was really very devious and immoral - with a strong, forbidden lust for both women. At last he saw a way in which he could take advantage of them and not be found out. Later, at home, he put his plan into action by substituting a placebo for the prescribed pills. He took it in to the bedroom where his stepmother and aunt were settling down in an effort to get some XXXX. Having no idea of the trick being played on them, still thinking Kenny a virtuous young man, they praised him and took a pill each. In no time they were drifting off - smiling at the prospect of a quiet, event-free night. But Kenny knew otherwise. He stripped down to his shorts and placed himself on the couch opposite the two women. Kenny waited patiently throughout the night. In the middle of the night Rachel and Stacie rose from the bed as if under a spell. It was just what Kenny had been waiting for. He gently called his stepmother and his aunt over to him, pulled out his cock, and told them both to kneel and suck it. The two stepsisters were very open to the suggestion. Their control was gone; their carnal urges had risen and taken over. Dropping down in front of Kenny, they took turns blowing his big cock. Their eyes were closed, and they sighed dreamily as they licked him from balls to helmet and deep-throated him. For a long time the young man sat with the women pleasuring him and getting themselves off at the same time. He could not believe how wild they when their defenses were down. Soon Rachel was so heated up that she had to have her young man fuck her. She lay back on the couch, parted her legs and welcomed him into her hungry pussy. She gasped and moaned and played with her big naked tits while Kenny’s plunging cock drove her crazy. All the time she talked dirtily to him - commenting with relish on their taboo stepmom-stepson coupling. The scene was so sexy for Stacie that she craved to be a part of it. Getting into the doggy-position, she invited her nephew to fuck her hard from behind while she ate her stepsister’s pussy. Kenny was in heaven. His stepmother and his aunt were utterly wanton in their sleepwalking state. He could do anything he wanted with them. With their sounds of ecstasy filling the room, he thrust his cock deep into his horny aunt and pumped her again and again. In turn Stacie licked Rachel’s pussy with a sensuality that had the woman squirming deliriously on the couch. Kenny then decided to fuck his stepmother one more time. Taking her again on her back, he pounded her tight pussy for all he was worth. Meanwhile, Stacie snuggled up to her stepsister and sucked on her big tit. When he was finally ready to cum, Kenny had his stepmother jerk his huge wad into her wide open mouth. The hot brunette caught every drop, rolled it around on her tongue, then shared it with Stacie. Now that Kenny had had his fun for the time being, he told his stepmother and his aunt to get back into the bed and then left the room a very happy young man. In the morning the two sleepwalkers might suspect something had occurred, but never in a million years would they guess it had involved forbidden family fucking.

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