MILF 1157 - Taboo Stories, Cabin Fever

34:04 video

Rachel and her stepsister Stacie rented a quiet place in the mountains to escape the noise and stress of their modern city lives. Joining them was Rachel’s stepson, Johnny. He had been dragged along with his stepmother and his aunt because they could not trust him to behave while home alone. The young man was bored from the get go. There was not even any TV in the joint. Rachel and Stacie had no such reservations. They enjoyed going on nature walks through the surrounding countryside and enjoying the simple pleasures of the pool and the Jacuzzi. That was until the storm struck. It came with a sudden, startling rumble of thunder, and it soon left Rachel, Stacie and Johnny snowed in at the remote retreat. Over the following days, with food running low and claustrophobia setting in, each of the trio grew more and more tense and irrational. The first cracks began to appear when Rachel caught Johnny drowning his boredom with a bottle of scotch. Rachel was furious with her stepson. The two of them argued loudly - eventually waking Stacie so that she came along and joined in. Afterwards, a thoroughly stressed Rachel called the local authorities and demanded they do more to clear the roads so that she and her family could get out. Much to her distress, she was told it would take them three weeks at the shortest! Within a couple more days, all three of the party had full on cabin-fever. Johnny was so overcome with sexual frustration that he took out one of his porno magazines and starting jerking off to the photos of naked women while sitting in the recreation room. Stacie happened to pass by and catch sight of him in the act. As if horniness was catching, she grew instantly wet and had to retreat to her room and relieve her aching pussy. She was so lost in pleasuring herself at the image of her nephew’s big throbbing cock that she did not see Rachel approach the door and look in. Now it was the stepmother’s turn to catch the lust bug. Finding her own quiet spot, she reclined on the floor, pulled her tits out of her top, rubbed her nipples erect and massaged her pussy - just like her stepsister had been doing. Meanwhile, Johnny had decided he needed the real thing to satisfy his increasing needs. He came upon his Aunt Stacie while she lay dozing. Gently lifting up her feet, he held them close together and began fucking his cock between their soles. When Stacie awoke and realized what he was doing, she was only mildly surprised. Like Johnny, any moral scruples she might have had were swiftly swept aside by her sheer need for sex. Getting onto her knees, she began sucking her nephew’s cock with ravenous enthusiasm. She worked her lips up and down its length with expert sensuality - often up to the balls. Right in the middle of the episode, Rachel walked in on the pair. Initially she was horrified at what she saw. But her own desires had made her very vulnerable. A few persuasive words from Stacie and the sight of what Johnny had to offer were too much for her. In no time at all, she was performing the forbidden: stroking and sucking lovingly on her own stepson’s big, hard cock. Once the floodgates were opened, the sex flowed thick and fast. Johnny - wearing a condom to avoid an awkward incident of impregnation - got his aunt on her hands and knees and gave her the best fucking he could. The busty lady gasped and moaned as Johnny’s young cock pumped in and out of her while Rachel sat watching the hot scene and playing with herself. In due time it was Rachel’s turn to get some action for herself. Lying on her back, her beautiful big tits spilling out of her skimpy nightclothes, she parted her legs and welcomed her stepson home. Johnny fucked his stepmother every bit as well as he had his aunt. He gave her pussy its fill of hard cock, and rubbed her clit until she was half crazy with pleasure. She loved it so much that she got into the doggy position and begged her stepson to give her more of the same. When lucky Johnny was close to coming, Rachel and Stacie gave him a last helping hand - jerking until he shot off a huge load for them. In the aftermath, the forbidden lovers were deeply satisfied. All their tension and frustration had disappeared. They no longer cared if they stayed snowed in forever - so long as they could spend every waking moment fucking each other’s brains out.

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