DID1346 Wunder Woman vs Mastermind Golden Amazon Part 1

12:03 video

Part one of Two. IADC operative Diana Prince learns that the villain Mastermind is up to mischief again. After transforming herself into Wunder Woman, she tracks him down to his secret luxury HQ. There she succeeds in sneaking into the premises - seemingly undetected. However, while she examines a strange machine, she is ambushed from behind by a masked goon. A feisty fight ensues, which Wunder Woman eventually wins. Unfortunately, her triumph is short-lived. With Mastermind's voice suddenly coming over the loud-speaker, she becomes distracted long enough for the goon to draw a chemically-soaked rag and clamp it over her mouth. For a moment she struggles valiantly in his clutches. Then she slumps to the floor, limp and sedated. She knows nothing of the moments immediately after that - of the goon carrying her into a special bedroom-come-prison cell where he removes her golden belt and lasso. When she eventually comes round, she feels weak and groggy. Then, all of sudden, Mastermindís voice sounds again. Goon, go ahead and have your way with Wunder Woman - he says. That proves to be the beginning of a long sexual ordeal for the Amazon. Ordinarily she would loathe it. But Mastermind bends her mind, causing Wunder Woman to act with willing wantonness.

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