DID1136 Rebel Sympathizers, Part 3

10:35 video

Part three of four. WARNING: This video is more violent than our typical content. They must have sucked 50 cocks that night before they were brought before their father's cell. They were a disgusting mess. Their father rose from his cot and looked his bloody, bedraggled daughters. He asked what had happened to them. The sisters told him that they had been kicked, punched, beaten and shocked. They had been forced to do unspeakable things to the guards and prisoners. They told him that they were being forced to do it to him as well. The policeman told him to stick his cock through the bars. He knew from experience that it was no good not complying with orders from the guards. He pushed cock through the bars and Grace took him down her throat. She sucked and then Rachel took over. They sucked quickly and effectively. Their night of sucking dick had fine tuned their skills. The policeman was not going to let them off that easy. He told them to stop. He told them to raise their dresses, bend over and spread their ass cheeks. He ordered the father to fuck them. He first took his daughter Grace. He tried not to think about the fact that he was inside his daughter's pussy. After watching him fuck the one, the policeman told him to fuck his other daughter. Grace tried to look away as she watched her father fuck her sister. The policeman made her rest her head on Rachel's back and watch her father's cock thrust in and out of Rachel's pussy. Their father was ready to cum. Rather than do the unthinkable and cum inside his daughter he pulled out his cock and shot his cum on her ass. Grace was forced to lick the cum and pussy juice off her father's cock. just another humiliation in a night of humiliation. They thought their ordeal was over when the policeman told them to get on their feet. They still had a lot of cocks to suck that night. Their father looked on as they were led down to next cell. He watched sadly as his daughter's sucked a huge cock of the prisoner.

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