DID1231 Shut In, Part 2

11:36 video

Part two of two. Realizing that her best chance of survival lay in apparent cooperation, she told him that she do would whatever he wanted - provided he did not harm her. The attacker made no answer but dragged her back into her room and tossed her on to her bed. The next thing Dallas knew, she had been cleave-gagged and elaborately bound up with cord. It circled her breasts and squeezed upon them so that they swelled more than ever. It also kept her wrists firmly bound behind her back. To all intents and purposes she was utterly helpless in the face of whatever horror the intruder intended to perpetrate. All too soon, she found out exactly what that was. It began with him joining her on the bed, his big cock sticking erect from his open pants. Briefly, he spanked and rubbed its warm flesh over Dallas' grimacing face. Then he shoved it between her lips and forced her to start sucking. Dallas had no choice but to obey. The attacker was too much for her - both physically and mentally. For a long time she worked her lips up and down the length of his cock, even deep-throating it on occasion. She hated to serve him so, but somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that she had to keep him happy. If he got any angrier, he might turn homicidal. Not that her ordeal ended any sooner. She told him to do whatever he wanted to her. Once the forced blowjob was over, the attacker shoved Dallas onto her back, spread her long legs wide, and commenced to cock-ravage her undefended pussy. The blonde rolled her eyes and moaned reluctantly through her gag. In spite of herself she was becoming aroused. The intruder was so well endowed that he could reach her deepest, sweetest spots. For a moment she forgot what a fiend he was - even as he harshly mauled her breasts in his hands. Nest she found herself positioned on all fours and being dominated by him from behind. Her shapely, bound-up body shuddered from the impact of his hard, penetrating fuck thrusts. With his hands fastening tightly round her curvy hips, he pounded until she lay pressed and grunting against the mattress. Following that, he placed her on her knees and made her suck him off one more time. In miserable obedience, Dallas performed the act. All she got for it was a face full of hot, spurting, creamy cum. The majority went into her mouth. Afterwards, the intruder left as simply as he had arrived. Meanwhile, Dallas remained stuck where she was. The look of trauma on her face said it all. She had been utterly defiled and degraded. Her injured foot did not even come to mind. It seemed the least of her grievances now.

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