DID1306 When My Husband is Away

38:02 video

Rachel was deep in debt because of her gambling addict son. The money was owed to some ruthless gangsters. They threatened to wipe out Rachel unless she paid them off soon. A young drug-dealer named Christian got wind of this and decided to turn to it to his advantage. He used to live in Rachel's neighborhood, and had lusted after her since he was young. Coming back to town, he worked his way into Rachel's life and convinced her that he could get the gangsters off her case in return for sexual favors from her. Rachel reluctantly complied, and Christian duly delivered. He then had Rachel masturbate in her kitchen while he watched her through a webcam. Her only clothing was an apron. The show was intense and graphic, and involved a large dildo. Later she gave Christian another show in which she wore a lacy outfit while playing with herself on the couch. Some time afterwards, she overheard Christian arranging a drugs deal on the phone. He realized she had been listening, and decided she had to be silenced. In the meantime, Rachel's webcam experience with Christian had led her to try it with other young men. She was doing a show in her bathtub - naked and glistening as she worked a dildo on her pussy - while Christian sneaked into her house. As soon as she finished, she donned her robe and headed to her room. Christian lay in wait for her. Suddenly Rachel found herself grabbed and thrown onto her bed. She could do nothing as Christian stripped her naked, groped her, forced her to suck his cock and then took her hard doggy style and in the missionary positions. But, even then, her ordeal was not over. Taking one of Rachel's discarded stockings, Christian wrapped it round her neck and started to pull. Rachel struggled, choked, and eventually went limp. To hide his crime, Christian arranged things to look as if Rachel had been in an autoerotic accident. However, while he was rummaging about downstairs, he heard a thump from above. Rachel was not finished yet.

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