DID281 Dirty Little Whore Will Pay

10:54 video

Rachel hired a private detective to follow her husband. He was out of town and always working long hours. Rachel became suspicious when their sex life turned cold. She kept herself in good shape was an attractive woman and thought she was a good wife of 20 years. The detective called Rachel in for the results of their surveillance. He slid a file across the desk to her. Rachel opened it slowly as she was scared to find out. Inside was a huge picture of her husband and their young neighbor Leihla. She was sucking his cock in their bedroom. Rachel of course was destroyed. She returned home and thought for hours as to what she should do. She could not leave him; she never worked and had no education. She knew she had to stop the affair. Rachel called Leihla, she came over. Rachel showed her the photos and begged her to stop. Leihla had no sympathy for Rachel and refused. Rachel snapped and attacked Leihla quickly choking her out in a head lock. Once Leihla was out, Rachel tied her hands behind her back. She paced the floor, thinking. Leihla awoke and realized she was bound tight. Rachel turned around wearing a strap-on. She forced Leihla to suck it like in the photos. Maybe Rachel wanted to learn the whore's technique. Leihla made a nasty comment and Rachel grabbed her hair pulling her head hard on the cock. Rachel stood the home wrecker up and bent her over the arm of the couch. She fucked Leihla in the ass, that is what dirty whores like. Leihla was moaning in terrible anguish. Rachel became more violent with each rewarding thrust. She fucked the life out of Leihla and promised to fuck her up again if she ever slept with her husband again. (Simulated penetration)

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