DID505 Never Trust a Stranger, Part 1

11:34 video

Part one of two. Rachel drove from her lovely home in Connecticut out to the country for a corporate meeting. She did not realize how far the drive was. Her car overheated and broke down. Rachel got out, popped the hood and looked at the engine. She did not know what she was doing. A man startled her and offered her help. Rachel was nervous but she was stranded. He attempted to start her car but it needed water. Rachel tried her cell to call her auto club, no service. He told her they were too far out to get cell service and offered to take her to his farm a mile or so away so she could call there. She went with him trusting him now. The walk just about did her in, the heat was unbearable and her heels were not meant for hiking. They arrived at his farm and she went to use his phone. The man had been checking out her tall slender body during the walk. He saw how huge her tits were and her sexy legs and heels. Woman around his parts did not look like that! He could not resist the temptation and he attacked her, bringing her down in a head lock. Rachel passed out. When she woke he was sitting on the couch with a weapon pointed at her. He told her he just wanted a little fun and he would not hurt her. Rachel had to slowly strip off her clothes. She stood naked, wearing a garter and tan stockings with high heels. The man was very impressed. He made her dance like a stripper. Rachel was mortified. She looked around seeing an escape and bolted for the door. He ran after her and took her down again.

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