DID518 Suck for Your Life, Part 1

14:48 video

Part one of two. Rachel Steele was a famous actress. She had spent some time away from it all at her farm house. Her time to head back to the city came too quickly. She called for her private limo to pick her up. Rachel waited over an hour when she became angry and went out to the porch to see if they had arrived. She looked down the drive but no one was there. All of a sudden Rachel; felt a hard blow to the back of her head and she collapsed. A man driving a white van hit her and loaded her up in the back. He took her to a remote abandoned barn. Rachel was unconscious as the man tied her hands and feet together tight. He shoved a ball gag in her mouth. Soon she regained consciousness. Her head throbbed in pain. Rachel took a look around and realized she was bound, gagged and on the filthy ground. A man stood over her laughing and taunting her. Rachel tried to scramble to her feet but she was weak from the blow. He grabbed her by the hair and punched her across the face knocking her out again. The man undressed her, leaving her tan stockings and white garter on. Rachel came to and he had his cock out ready for her to suck. He told her if she did what she was told he would not hurt her. Rachel looked at him in disgust, she was famous and treated like a queen by everyone. How could this be happening. Rachel never had to suck a cock before, men would do anything for her. Now the tables were turned. Rachel was on her knees in a filthy barn with a violent angry man shoving his huge cock in her face. She quickly began sucking for her life. The man held a handful of her hair tight to remind her to suck him nice. Rachel choked on his cock because it was huge!

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