DID720 Sisters Surprised

22:04 video

Rachel and her sister Stacie lived in a beautiful home alone. Stacie was doing laundry and conversing with Rachel. A criminal had escaped from the court house nearby. The news media had not released the story yet because they still did not know if he was on the loose. The criminal ran to their neighborhood and onto their property. The garage door was open. The man came in to find a saw to remove the hand cuffs. He heard the women chatting. He saw the limited amount of tools in the garage and no sign of a male living at the house. He decided to take a chance and enter. He saw Stacie bent over the dryer. He grabbed her, quickly placing his hand over her mouth and pulling her body in fast. Stacie did not know what hit her. She froze to his calm voice telling her to be quiet. Stacie was so terrified she stopped screaming immediately. He asked her where her sister was, Stacie motioned upstairs. He cleave gagged her with a white cloth and bound her wrists behind her back. The man secured her on the floor. He then went for Rachel. Rachel was napping and never heard him coming. The man covered her mouth and pulled her in. Rachel put up a big struggle, kicking, grabbing at his hands to uncover her mouth. The man liked her feisty behavior. Now he knew he would take full advantage of these women. He got them both in the living room on the couch. They were bound at the wrists and their heads where tied together with a silk robe belt. The more they struggled the tighter it became around their necks. The criminal stepped back and observed what he had in front of him. Two very busty sisters kicking and scared. What a huge turn on after the years in prison. He began to open their blouses pulling their tits out of their lacy bras. Rachel kicked her legs exposing the top of her sheer white pantyhose and full bottom satin and lace panties. His cock grew erect at this feminine sight. He pulled the gag out of Rachel's mouth and shoved his cock in. He forced himself deep into her throat. She choked and gagged but he did not back off. Stacie was forced to watch, knowing that she was next. After fucking Rachel's mouth he forced Stacie to her knees. Grabbing the back of her head he forced his cock down the back of her throat. He grabbed Rachel by the hair and make her lick his cock as it went in and out of Stacie's mouth. He pushed Stacie back on the couch and pulled off her panties and shoved them in her mouth. He forced Rachel to lick her sister's pussy. He yanked down Rachel's big white panties. He pushed her over and made her suck on Stacie's big tits. He took off his pants. They knew what was in store for them. They both told him that he could whatever he wanted to them just so he got out of their house. He made Rachel sit on her sister's face before he started fucking them. He lifted Stacie's legs and entered her first. He pumped her hard. Her cries were muffled by Rachel's pussy in her mouth. He pulled out of Stacie and slid his cock into Rachel. Stacie was inches away from the sight. He pumped Rachel until he was ready to cum. Then he put them side by side and blew his load all over their faces.

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