DID954 Collateral Damage, Part 1

12:01 video

Part one of two. Sexy businesswoman Dallas was at home doing some paperwork in her office when two masked men broke in. While one of them started turning the place over, the other wandered around - eventually finding Dallas huddled behind her desk. The busty blonde commanded his immediate interest. Seizing the terrified woman roughly in his arms, he carried her squirming out to the hallway where his partner was busy bundling valuables into a bag. Dallas struggled valiantly, but the man was easily able to handle her. His arm around her waist was like a belt of iron, and his strong hand over her mouth smothered her attempted screams. The second man was equally impressed when he got an eyeful of Dallas. In all the drama her short skirt had hiked up to reveal the tops of her stockings and her shapely thighs. Both men got ideas about what they would like to do with her, but their priority was robbery. For the time being, they gagged Dallas, bound up her wrists with a length of rope, and attached the end of it to a fixing in the ceiling - which left her dangling from the spot in utter helplessness. Meanwhile, the two men continued searching the house. Occasionally, on passing to and fro, they would get distracted by Dallas and stopped to pay her some attention. One of them unzipped her blouse to expose her big, braless tits; the other went further - greedily fondling them and tweaking their nipples. Impatient for Dallas to tell him where the rest of her valuables were kept, his manner became meaner and rougher. He lifted the back of her skirt and slapped her bare ass; then he forced his hand between her legs and copped a feel of her pussy. Later, when the men decided to search the next floor, they moved Dallas and tied her to the stair-rail to keep her in view. This time she had to stay bent over in a temptingly submissive position. Their job done, the two men finally decided to give Dallas their undivided attention. The man who had first discovered her got things started. Having slapped Dallas', he pulled off her gag and unzipped his pants. Dallas knew with bitterness what was coming. She told the man to do whatever he had to - and then go. A moment later his cock was forcing its way into her mouth. Dallas went on to suck it as best she could. She pursed her lips tightly around its length while the man's fingers gripped the hair at the back of her head and urged her on.

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