MILF1707 - Mother Corrupts Young Men 1

9:59 video

Rachel developed lustful feelings for her young son after seeing the big cockbulge in his trunks while he was swimming in the back yard. One night, when her impotent husband was asleep, she sneaked into her son's room. There she gently woke him and told him to be quiet. She then climbed onto his bed and used all her loving motherly persuasion to talk him into letting her see his cock. The naive young man agreed, and soon allowed plenty more to happen besides. When Rachel pulled back her son's sheets she caught her breath in excitement. He was WAY bigger than her husband - she admitted. Then she took hold of his cock and gave it a long and sensual stroking before licking its tip and engulfing if with her mouth. Much erotic sucking later, she slid a condom over his cock and fucked herself on it for a while, masturbating her clit at the same time. At last, sensing he was close to cumming, she stroked his cock once again. This time she did not stop until he had shot his load all over his stomach. Rachel was a very proud and satisfied mommie at that moment. After wiping her son clean with a cloth, she tucked him in, gave him a kiss, and told to him to get some sleep. He needed lots of rest in order to be fit for school in the morning.

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