MILF369 - MILFs Hunting

11:12 video

Rachel and Arianna have been kicked out of every neighborhood they move into. They have a habit of carousing and hunting young men. They pick them up and offer them sex. The young men are suckers for their advances and never refuse. Rachel found a new house and the first day they picked up a 23 year old neighbor. They brought him home and stripped him naked. No furniture in the house, they sat him on the floor and started stroking his cock. Rachel took her top off and stuck her tits in his face. He sucked her nipples while Arianna jerked him. Arianna stuck her tits in his face as Rachel took his cock deep in her mouth. They oiled him up and jerked the young lad off onto Rachel's face. When they were done with him they sent him on his way. He told all his friends about them. It was not long before the complaints from the other women got them thrown out again. Happy hunting girls!

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