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Rachel and her husband went to their bedroom for some reunion sex after he had come back from one of his business trips. They were unaware that their son Alex was in Rachel's closet putting away some blankets. The young man did not have time get out of the room. Instead he hid himself behind the door. While he was there, curiosity got the better of him and he ended up peeking in on them. He saw his gorgeous mother strip out of her clothes to reveal herself in hot lingerie. Then he felt a surge of jealousy as he watched his father kiss and caress her before fucking her hard in the missionary position. It was almost too much for Alex. He had loved and lusted after his mom for a long time. Lately he had come to think that he was becoming the man of the house - what with all the chores he did and his father being away so much. But now his father had suddenly returned and messed everything up. The man did not deserve such a sexy woman as Rachel. The scene Alex had just witness was the final straw. He decided it was time to make a stand. He was going to outwit his father and take his mother for his permanent lover - by any means possible. Later that day Alex found his mom in the kitchen while his father was XXXX upstairs. She looked great in her sheer robe. It seemed the perfect moment to try something. However, when he made a move for her. Rachel resisted. Alex then reminded her of a slight indiscretion the two of them had committed some time ago. What would happen if Rachel's husband was to find out about it? The hot mother was shocked at such a wicked threat by her son, but she knew she was in a fix and would have to play along. At first she gave herself to him only tentatively. But she began to go wild when her son stripped her, laid her out on the kitchen counter and started licking her pussy. Her moans became so loud that both the forbidden lovers feared they would wake the father. Yet there was no chance of them slowing down. Rachel had gotten a taste of her son, and she wanted more of him. She dropped to her knees and gave him a long, loving blowjob. Then she bent over the counter - this time for her son to pound her doggy style. She groaned with pleasure as her son's cock speared deep into her pussy. She even confessed to him that he was a way better lover than his father! Then, just when it was all going so well, Alex made a big mistake. He shot all his cum deep inside his mother when she was unprotected! Rachel immediately came down to earth with a bump. She was fertile and there was a real chance her son had gotten her pregnant. There was plenty of cum was dripping out of her pussy. Furious and concerned, she grabbed her robe and stormed out the kitchen. Alex, however, was already plotting to enjoy his lovely mother again. The chance came when the family were sat eating dinner. Rachel had gotten herself together following the reckless creampie her son had given her. Her husband was there too, not seeming to notice the awkward silence or the meaningful looks that passed between mother and son. When he stepped away from the table, Alex quickly slipped under the table and began licking his mom's pussy again. Rachel yelped in surprise. A moment her husband returned. Rachel was stuck. She could not let on that Alex was under the table. It would raise immediate suspicions. All she could do was try not to moan or writhe as the pleasure flooded through her body. By a miracle she succeeded. Her husband had no idea that heir son had just made her cum right under his nose. That night, he was to be cuckolded again. This time it was Rachel that made the first move. Having discovered what a fantastic lover her son was, she was no longer able to resist him. While her husband lay snoring, she sneaked out of bed and went willingly in pursuit of Alex's hard young cock. In his room she tossed him a condom and undid her robe. Underneath she was wearing the hottest see-through nightie. Alex grinned as his mother as she gave him an eye-full of her body and told him he could do anything he wanted with her - just so long so he used the protection. It was a small sacrifice for the young man to make. In an instant the mother and son were kissing passionately. After getting another great blow job from his mom, Alex went on to her a wonderful fuck in the missionary and doggy-style positions. Again it was a wonder the couple's moans did not wake the father. Rachel finished up by taking the used condom and drinking her son's cum from it. She then went back to own bed. The next morning Rachel realized that she had left her panties in her son's room. While her husband was still XXXX, she returned to Alex. She found him with a serious case of morning wood. The sight of the big cock was too hot for the highly-sexed mom to resist. She quickly pulled off her elegant black dress and climbed onto the bed with her son. She gave her son an indredible, loving blow-job then straddled his lap and took that great cock of his deep into her pussy. It seemed she could not live without it anymore. This time it did not matter that she was riding him bareback and that he filled her pussy loads of his cum. Yet even then the mother and son were not finished. Alex was so hot for his mom that he still had a boner. Rachel took care of it by sucking it one more time - eventually taking a huge mouthful of Alex's forbidden milk. Afterwards, the two of them thought about the future. With Rachel's husband leaving soon for business again, they could fuck each other twenty-fours a day if they wanted. It was a dream come true for Alex. He had beaten his dad and won his beautiful, sexy mother all for himself. There was even another angle that his mom pointed out to him: with all the unprotected sex they had had, she was probably going to give him a son and a brother at the same time!

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