MILF1518* - Freezing Males Sons Revenge HD

24:01 video

Lonely and horny widow Rachel Steele discovered an amulet that could be used to control the minds of others without their knowing it. In possession of such unique power, she became morally corrupt and ultimately committed the depraved act of turning her own son into her fuck-slave so that she would never again lack the thrill of hot sex in her life. On one typical morning, Rachel wakes in her bed with a contented look on her face and no clothing on her shapely, big-titted body - except some stockings and garters. Next to her lies the naked, unmoving, zombified son whom she has spent all the previous night fucking. Taking one glance at him and his big, exposed cock, the ever-lusting mother decides to start her day with yet another bout of intense and forbidden fornication. It is easy to get her son to cooperate. A brief swing of the amulet before his eyes, a few soft and suggestive words in his ear, and she has him programmed with a list of fuck-deeds to perform. The first of these is for him to simply let his mother suck him off for a while. After all the pleasure her son given her of late, Rachel feels a generous urge to repay him. Thus she instructs him to stand up against her bedroom wall so that she can kneel before his upstanding cock and lavish it with attention from her tongue and lips and mouth. For a long time she sucks on her statue-still, vacant-eyed boi. Gracefully her brunette head moves backs and forth, carrying her tight-draw lips far down his length, then up to the top, then down again towards the root. Unfortunately, however, the mother is eventually interrupted in her master class of sucking by the ringing of a phone. With an annoyed mutter, she gets up, apologizes to her son, speaks the command Freeze to him, and goes off to answer it. In so doing, she happens, without knowing it, to bump her son as she passes by - consequently knocking him off balance so that he topples backwards and bumps his against the wall. This stuns his brain out of its trance, and leaves him stood wondering what is going on. It does not take him long to work out the answer. The clues tell it all: he has naked, in his mother's room, with his cock hard and the smell of her on his body. Anger comes upon him - but not because he has been made to fuck his own mother. He is comfortable with that because he has always thought her a tremendously hot MILF. It is the fact that he has been deceived and used without his knowledge that bothers him. Looking down at the palm of his hand, he sees the amulet. Rachel absently put it there before leaving. The son guesses it function, and suddenly gets the idea of using it to turn the tables on his mother - both for fun and sweet revenge. At that moment, Rachel herself hurries back into the room, eager to get back down to business. Her son feigns being in his mind-controlled state in order not to give his game away. Then his mother is on her knees again, happily gorging herself on his big cock. At the end of the long and intense period of sucking, she climbs onto her bed, parts her long legs to lay her pussy open to her son's view, and tells him to eat it out. Her son duly does so - pulling out all the stops to please her into complacency. As his tongue works his magic, his mother fondles herself and moans and speaks affectionately about what a good and caring son he is. Sometime after, she gets on all fours and has him fuck her hard from behind. From the relentless way he pounds his big cock into her, jolting her body and making her cry out in dirty-worded ecstasy, she cannot imagine that he is not really mind-controlled any more. But, all of a sudden, he demonstrates his freedom of action by dangling the amulet before his mother's eyes. The instant she looks upon it, her whole body freezes, and she falls into a deep trance. The son grins in response. With Rachel now his slave, he runs a series of tests on her - ordering her to assume certain poses, then getting her to freeze or unfreeze. He plays with her tits and puts her arms in various positions as if she were a stop-motion model. Next he lays her out on the bed, opens her legs, and gives her a kiss on the cheek. In her rigid, awkward, frozen pose, Rachel resembles a huge Barbie doll. However, before the son can do anything else, he receives a call from his girlfriend Misty. She is on her way over, and she does not sound happy. Having dressed, he goes downstairs and presently welcomes her in. Immediately Misty starts complaining to him. It turns out that she has not seen him for several weeks due to his constant and mysterious desire to stay home. The son was unaware of this at the time, but he now understands that his mother must have been keeping him close at hand for fucking purposes. When Misty continues to berate him, he gets the idea of using the amulet on her. Just as with Rachel, she becomes a mindless slave upon looking at it. From then on, the son turns corrupt and exploits her - just as his mother had done with him. Up in the bedroom, he has the naked Misty lie down so that he can kiss her all over, suckle on her pert tits, and eat out her pussy. This done, he instructs her to return the favor by sucking him off. Truly an obedient, unthinking slave, Misty performs his every command to the utmost of her ability. She works her lips busily and eagerly up and down his cock for a long time - until it is rock hard and ripe for shoving in her pussy. Two positions then follow. The first sees the son fuck his girlfriend deep and passionately - doggy-style. The second sees Misty ride him hard from on top. In the midst of all this fun, Rachel walks in, stiffly. She wears white lingerie, her face is void of expression, and her gaze is utterly vacant. In her hands she holds a tray bearing a glass of beer. Discreetly she takes up a place to one side of the room - a humble servant poised to obey her master-son's every command. For some time, she remains where she is while he enjoys having his nubile girlfriend fuck herself busily and bouncingly up and down on his cock. Then, seeing that he is close to cumming, she draws near, kneels, and places the tray at his side. With both two hot women present and completely under his influence, the son makes sure to press his full advantage. Instructing Misty to move alongside his mother, he gets them both to team up and stroke and suck a huge pent-up cum load from his cock. Heavily it spatters and streaks their unflinching faces and enters their open mouths. Yet neither of them have the slightest idea of what has been done to them. This promises a perfect arrangement for the son. In future he will be able to have countless more fuck-sessions like the present one. As for Rachel, she has gone from powerful manipulator to zombie-like slave. Not that she would mind too much. The important thing for her is that, once way or another, she will still be getting her son’s sweet cock.

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