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Rachel was the wife of a wealthy casino owner. When her husband passed away, she assumed control of the casino and started to change the way it was run. She wanted the place to be less geared towards men, and more welcoming to women. She announced these plans in a speech before a large gathering of the town''s citizens. Some people cheered; many booed. One man in particular was furious at what he heard. He was a local mob boss and a former unofficial business partner of Rachel's husband. He had been expecting to take over the casino himself. But it was Rachel who had legal ownership. Now, not only had she frozen him out of the picture, but she had meddled with the male-favored setup. Unable to tolerate this situation, the mob boss called one of his most loyal men for assistance. His name was Tony Jr., and he was a big, rugged enforcer. The mob boss told him to pressure Rachel into giving up ownership of the casino. If she refused, she was to be eliminated. Tony Jr. promptly made his first call on the sexy brunette. His meeting with her was outwardly civil, though laced with tension. He made no secret of his reason for his visit. He gave Rachel his boss's ultimatum, and advised her to accept it. Rachel however, was not to be intimidated. She told Tony Jr. that she was owner of the casino by right, and that she would never be bullied into letting it go. She then threatened to call her security guards if Tony Jr. did not leave. The enforcer went quietly, but he was far from finished. That night, Rachel angrily paced up and down her room. She wore high-heels, stockings, and skimpy lingerie that showed off her exquisite figure. She spoke on the phone to a shady and ruthless contact of her own. Outraged by the mob boss's threat, she had decided to hit back. She spoke XXXX to her contact - telling him to take care of the boss. He was not to fail under any circumstances. It was clear from her harsh tone that Rachel was not a woman to be crossed. After the call, she finished a glass of martini and stretched out on her bed. Her eyes closed and she drifted off to XXXX. However, within moments, Tony Jr. appeared at her door. He had stealthily XXXX his way into Rachel's home, intending to eliminate her for her lack of cooperation. Bending over Rachel, he deftly slipped a pair of hand-cuffs over her wrists. As she began to wake, he clamped his hand over her mouth, muffling her yelp of surprise. But Rachel's show of fear and vulnerability was very brief. Seeing Tony Jr. she immediately guessed the score and gathered her wits about her. Using all her manipulative charm, she kept a conversation going with him. Tony Jr. had originally meant to give Rachel a few words of explanation, then do the fatal deed. But Rachel cunningly led him to reveal more than he intended. When Tony Jr. confessed that he had a soft-spot for Rachel and was reluctant to perform his hit on her, Rachel saw her chance and seized it. She told Tony Jr. that, if he came over to her side, she would pay him double what he was getting. On top of that, she would give him herself. That was all Tony Jr. needed to hear. A hardened and experienced enforcer he may have been, but he was no match for Rachel on her own turf. Sweetly, sensually, seductively, she reached out and started rubbing his crotch. From then on, he was putty in her hands. First Rachel pulled out Tony Jr�s big hard cock and sucked on it with exquisite skill. Later, lying back on her bed, she invited him to brace himself over her head and fuck down into her mouth from above. She knew that would please Tony Jr's tough-guy, dominating nature. After that she convinced him to removed her hand-cuffs. Then she bent over the bed while Tony Jr. crouched behind her, eagerly licking at her pussy and along her ass-crack. By now the enforcer was acting more like an obedient puppy than a wolf on the prowl. Presently, Tony Jr himself lay out on the bed. Straddling his face, Rachel XXXX his mouth with her pussy and encouraged him to feast on it for a second time. Tony Jr. proved to have quite the appetite as he licked and tongued away. Rachel then returned the favor by sucking his cock with even more passion and expertise than before. Tony Jr. groaned as he urged her on; his fingers clutched tightly in her dark tresses, urging her to take him as deep as she could. Eventually, the two got down to some serious fucking. Rachel rode Tony Jr. cowgirl style, easing her body up and down, sliding her tight pussy back and forth along the full length of his cock. Her big tits bounced hotly in the process. A vigorous missionary-style fuck ensued. Holding one of Rachel�s sleek legs up on his shoulder, Tony Jr. pounded into her with everything he had. Finally, he took her from behind. This last phase of fucking was the most intense yet. Tony Jr. dominated Rachel, using her arms like reins, tugging on them to pull her body back to meet his forward-coming cock-thrusts. He drove her wild and made her breathless with his hard, deep fucking. By the end of it, Rachel could hardly wait to get a taste of his cum. Having jerked Tony Jr. a few more times, she got all that she hoped for. It flooded into her wide-open mouth, sprayed her lips and chin, and dripped onto her naked tits. Afterward, the hot widow and her one-time nemesis savored a wonderful, post-fuck feeling of total contentment. They shook hands on their new arrangement. It was agreed that Tony Jr. would turn the tables on his boss, eliminating him instead of Rachel. Then he and Rachel would rule her casino together. Their partnership would be beautiful - in business and in the bedroom.

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