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HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Rachel and her twin step-sister Robin are physically identical, but morally opposite. While the former is as chaste and honest as an angel, the latter is as promiscuous and devious as a devil. Despite such vast differences in personality, the two siblings live in the same house. There is constant antagonism between them as Rachel tries to reform Robin, and Robin tries to corrupt Rachel. And now comes an event that is going to strain their relationship even further. For sixteen years Rachel has been the loyal and trusted assistant of a devoutly religious dentist named Dr. McDinton. Dr. McDinton is going abroad for three weeks to do charity work on behalf of his church. Because of his high opinion of Rachel, he has asked her to take care of his step-son and step-daughter, Kyle and Jayden. The pair are old enough to be left by themselves, but Dr. McDinton is reluctant to allow them such liberty. The previous year, unsupervised during his absence, they had done a number of reckless things - including getting tattoos and watching pornography. He does not wish a repeat of that. For her own part, Rachel is flattered at the faith her boss is showing in her. She promises to watch over the pair and be on her guard against any hint of sinful activity. Being a person of equal piety and reserve, she completely understands Dr. McDinton's concerns. However, fearing that her step-sister Robin will have a bad influence on Kyle and Jayden, she gives her a stern lecture in advance. Rachel has been given a big responsibility by her boss. She does not want Robin messing thing up for her - or warping Kyle and Jayden. She wants to see her wear appropriate clothing for once, and she wants her to watch her language. Robin spends more time mocking her step-sister than listening to her. She has no intention of moderating her behavior. Indeed, the more trouble she can cause, the better. It does not take her long to get started. With Dr. McDinton barely having departed on his travels, Robin decides to check out her newly arrived guests while her step-sister is absent. As her luck should have it, she spies Kyle taking a shower. He is a fit, handsome young man with a big cock that greatly excites Robin. Remaining out of his sight, she leans back against the wall, braces her legs apart, and begins to play with her hot, wet pussy. Hers is a wanton image - a busty, curly-tressed, scantily-clad, grinning, lip-licking, horned-up vixen. Having brought herself off, she celebrates by sucking her tasty juices from her fingers. Meanwhile, Jayden is in her room, lying back on a couch, panties pulled aside, legs spread, blissfully strumming her naked pussy while looking through pornographic pictures on her phone. She thinks she has some privacy, but she has failed to reckon on Robin making the rounds. Passing by the open door, the wicked twin gets an eyeful of what's going on and decides to hang around and see how it plays out. Soon her pussy is wet and hungry all over again. By the time this second show is over, Robin finds that Kyle has finished his shower, gotten dressed, and retired to his room. What follows is a whirlwind seduction by Robin. The mere sight of her approaching in a tight red dress gets the young man aroused. Before he knows it, she is all over him, urging him to embrace his wild side. Kyle is helplessly carried along. Robin kisses him, runs her hands all over his body, rubs her stocking-clad legs against him, smothers him with her breasts, straddles him, pulls her big breasts out of her bra and urges tells to suck on her nipples while she energetically dry-humps him. Kyle's eyes almost pop out of his head. He has fantasized about sex for a long time, but never come close to having it. Now he gives himself up to The Robin Experience. He accepts her invitation to feast on her breasts and later winds up licking out her pussy. Suddenly, however, he hears his step-mother calling and gets cold feet and backs off. Everything has happened too fast for him. Robin is disappointed, but she decides to not to pressure Kyle for the time being. She knows she will have him sooner or later. Until then, there is always his horny step-sister Jayden. Finding her in the kitchen. Robin starts straight in with the flirtation. She cuddles her, brushes up against her, playfully squeezes her breasts and jokes about having some fun with strap-ons. Jayden giggles and returns a lot of Robin's attentions, but she hesitates to go further because she shares some of her step-brother's inhibitions. In any case, the fun is interrupted by Rachel arriving home at that moment. Robin is not put out by this. She welcomes her return because she has dreamed up a kinky prank to play on her. That evening, gathered in the living room with Rachel, Kyle and Jayden, she prepares to put it into action. Pretending to be concerned that everyone in the house is showing signs of tension and anxiety, Robin offers to treat them using hy-pnosis. She has learned the skill well from a therapist friend. Her three listeners naively agree to the plan, and end up watching her swing a necklace from side to side while uttering soothing and suggestive words. Slowly they all fall into a deep rest, and their bodies go limp. Robin almost laughs out loud to see how successful she has been. In their present state, Rachel, Kyle and Jayden are completely at her command. She can make them do anything she wishes. Afterward, they will have no recollection of what they have done. With that in mind, Robin lays out a list of taboo sex acts they are now to commit with each other. A click of her fingers, and the show is underway as her prim step-sister stands up and strips out of her conservative dress. Rachel proves every bit as shapely as Robin. She fills her lingerie deliciously - her big breasts heave in her bra, her legs looking long and sleek in stockings and suspenders. There is no shyness or reservation in her manner. Robin's hypnosis has changed her personality and turned her from a demure prude to a horny sexpot. Shamelessly she utters the dirtiest and most explicit comments - encouraging Kyle and Jayden to feed their passionate needs. What follows is a torrid three-way fuck fest between them. First, Rachel kneels, strokes Kyle's cock to hardness, then invites Jayden to suck on it. While the step-sister eagerly works her lips up and down her step-brother's thick length, Rachel exposes her own breasts and feeds a nipple into his mouth. Kyle is only too happy to nurse on it. At the same time, he slips a hand inside Rachel's panties and toys with her pussy. Soon she is lying back with her legs widely parted to grant him better, deeper access. Delight thrills through her body, making her moan, causing her to gasp so that her naked breasts rise and fall sexily. All the while, Jayden keeps on at her step-brother's cock, seemingly unable to get enough of it. Nearby, Robin looks on smiling in wicked triumph. In her hand is a small video camera. It is trained on the others, capturing everything that takes place. A short while later, Rachel is stood with Jayden kneeling before her - worshipfully licking, lapping and tongue-fucking her pussy. The hy-pnotizedd lovers caress each other in a prolonged moment of intense, lesbian lust. Then Jayden drops to all-fours, inviting her step-brother to mount her from behind and fuck her doggy-style. As Kyle grants his step-sister's wishes, pounding his cock into her so sweetly that her body trembles and her moans rise up, Rachel lies underneath her, legs splayed, pussy presented for the licking. Jayden gladly buries her face in the waiting snatch, pleasing Rachel even as her step-brother pleases herself at the other end. The same little daisy-chain continues when the positions change to Kyle fucking Jayden missionary style, then to Jayden riding Kyle on top. Always, whether standing or reclining, Rachel gets a place in the action - and a young woman's face in her pussy. The intense passion and loving and downright fucking never drops a gear throughout. Robin has hy-pnotized them more powerfully than even she thought possible. Only when Jayden has ridden herself crazy on her step-brother does the action draw to a close. Then Kyle stands above the two women and jerks his load over their faces and breasts. Both of them welcome it, smearing it into their skin. Immediately after, Robin tells the trio to clean themselves up and get dressed. When she brings them out of their trance-state, they appear exactly as they did before all the wild antics began. As expected, they have no clue as to what has just happened. Rachel is once again her straight-laced self. However, the momentous taboo event shall not be lost to oblivion. Robin still has her video footage - commemorating every sordid detail. This gives her useful leverage over her step-sister. If Rachel ever lectures her again or tries to curb her wild lifestyle, she can threaten to send the video to Dr. McDinton. He would be horrified to see what Rachel has done with his step-son and step-daughter. He would fire her in a heartbeat, and Rachel would be in big trouble. She is not responsible for what she has done under hy-pnosiss, but that fact would be unlikely to save her. The poor woman is trapped and she did not even know it. Her wicked twin has won at last.

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