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Rachel was the model of a cool and sophisticated MILF. She wore elegant outfits, pinned her hair up in an immaculate style, and carried herself with immense grace and dignity. She could have had her pick of men but had not seriously dated since her divorce. The only man in her life was her step-son Richard - with whom she lived alone in a plush mansion. Rachel was strict with Richard, and she believed him to be an obedient, clean-minded young man. This was a mistake. In truth, Richard was filled with a secret forbidden longing for his step-mother - born of the many years he had spent in her sexy and aloof presence. His desires grew so strong that he ended up buying a porno magazine featuring taboo step-mother-step-son relationships to have a vicarious outlet. Then, one morning, he could not resist sneaking up to his step-mother’s bedroom door and peeking in on her while she got dressed for work. Rachel had no idea of the liberties her step-son was taking. Fresh out of her nightie, stark naked except for a pearl necklace, she unwittingly gave him a show by bending over, stepping into a pair of panties and slowly sliding them up her long, sleek legs. Next, she put on a suspender belt and a bra. Richard watched his step-mother’s every move during her reverse strip. There was something sexily precise and ritualistic about the way she rolled up each stocking, pulled it over her foot, unravelled it over her leg, and fastened it at the top of her thigh. Following this, Rachel slid her feet into some white shoes, pulled on a tight black dress, and donned a crisp white blouse. Now, with her dressing complete, she stood looking typically classy. Meanwhile, Richard slipped away without ever being detected. Later, in the kitchen, Rachel rustled up breakfast and called her step-son down. While he sat quietly eating, she talked to him in her usual, firm way. She stressed that he should try for better grades at school, then gave him some household chores. It all seemed like perfectly normal step-mother-step-son interaction. Then, as she moved around the kitchen, she became aware of Richard’s gaze touching on her stockinged legs and her tight-skirted butt whenever he thought she was not looking. She resisted confronting him about it and eventually left to go upstairs. Richard himself was just leaving for school, and he took the opportunity to follow his step-mother out so that he could watch her from below as she ascended the steps. He got an excellent view of her calves and saw right up her skirt to the tops of her suspenders before he had to go. Now that she was alone, Rachel went straight to her step-son’s room. She was bothered about his behavior and wanted to see if she could find some clues to explain it. On searching through his closet, she found a can of lubricant and one of his step-mother-step-son-themed magazines. The latter shocked her. She had never thought about such relationships and was unsure what to make of them. Then, suddenly, she felt excited - intrigued by their incredibly taboo nature. Sitting back on her step-son’s bed, she pulled up her skirt, parted her legs, rubbed herself through her panties, then pulled their crotch aside and vigorously fingered her exposed pussy. Soon she was thinking aloud while pleasuring herself - running her tongue over her lips as she spoke of mothers and sons committing the ‘I’ word. Her juices flowing, she thought of Richard - of his youth and virility. It drove her wild to imagine him jerking off while spying on her. Eventually, after plenty of moaning and groaning, after licking her pussy-wetted fingers a few times, she had an intense orgasm. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced before, and it heralded an entire change of character for her. From that moment on, Rachel could not stop playing with herself while thinking of step-mother and sons, and especially of her and Richard. She went downstairs and lay back on the couch. No longer wearing her skirt, yet still as elegant as ever, she lay with her long legs spread, and worked a vibrator on her pussy. Her blouse was unbuttoned in the middle, and her big tits - freed from their bra - burst through the gap in all their glory. She could not wait for her step-son to come home and see her that way. Before long, she got her wish. While Richard stood looking at his step-mother in awe, Rachel started speaking to him in a voice full of invitation. She laid all the cards on the table - revealing how she had figured out that he had been looking at her, and telling him of what she had found in his room. There was no need for Richard to panic now. His step-mother clearly wasn’t angry about it. Instead, she spoke of how aroused she was on seeing that ‘I’ themed magazine of his. Stroking her pussy, she asked him if he would like to take the place of her vibrator. She would have bet the house that he would want his cock in his step-mother’s pussy more than anything in the world. She constantly touched herself, assumed various sexy poses, and spoke teasingly to her spellbound step-son. To turn him on was to turn herself on. Finally, she told him to go upstairs, get undressed, shower, and then go meet her in her bedroom. Richard’s long-held fantasy of fucking his step-mom would be made a reality at last. Eagerly the young man went up to get ready. Glancing back over the stair rail, he saw his step-mother lying back, fondling her tit and playing with her pussy once again. Judging by her horniness, she was going to show him an unforgettable time. It was a remarkable change on Rachel’s part. Not even she could have guessed at the taboo urges lurking beneath her elegant exterior.

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