MILF1448 - No Privacy, Henry's Rules HD

23:36 video

This is the third installment in the story of Rachel and her son's friend Henry. Some time ago, they struck up a relationship, and Henry began exerting a strong influence over Rachel. Her convinced her to go naked whenever he commanded and to take risks being exhibitionistic around others. In this adventure, Rachel is expecting Henry to call around at any moment. The sexy, curvaceous MILF strips out of her elegant dress and then removes her bra and panties. Completely naked, she spent some time cleaning the kitchen. She bends over and rubs down tops. When Henry arrives, she greets him and acts as if everything is perfectly normal. She lies down on the floor for him and parts her legs so that he can see her bare pussy and every inch of her shapely body. In the living room, Henry touches her breasts and asks if she has masturbated that day. Rachel admits that she has - while riding in an elevator. Later Henry asks Rachel to go out with him in an outfit inappropriate for her age. This consists of a tight and skimpy matching top and skirt that Rachel puts in her room. She does not wear any panties, and her pussy can easily be seen as she comes down the stairwell and performs some sexy a series of sexy poses for Henry. Afterward, she obediently went out on the town with him - even though she felt shy and embarrassed at her naughty look. The next day in her office, Rachel is fulfilling her management role at Henry's company. Henry comes on the intercom and tells her to call in the new secretary, Sylvia. He then tells Rachel that he filled Sylvia in on their no-privacy lifestyle. Sylvia's confidence is assured through a no-disclosure contract. In response to more of Henry's orders, Rachel stands and pulls her skirt up before Sylvia to show her that she is not wearing panties. She then takes off the remainder of her clothes and sits down in her chair, stark naked, legs parted so that her pussy is on display. Finally, she plays with herself for a long time until she cums. After Rachel has tasted herself on her fingers, Sylvia leaves. Later, back at her home, Rachel comes out from a shower, her naked glistening. Henry is there to meet her. She lies down in front of him and casually rubs her pussy. When she tells Henry she needs her paycheck, Henry makes her go into the living room and demonstrate how much she wants it. There Rachel lies down for a third time and enjoys a long, intense masturbation. She assures Henry that she will wear whatever he wants and do whatever embarrassing or exhibitionist act he bids - in return for the paycheck. Henry gives in and then tells her to come out to celebrate with him. He specifies that she is to wear code white. This turns out to be a very tight, see-through white top in which her big breasts strain and in which the outlines of her nipples are visible. A short skirt - again minus panties - completes the look. With Henry mischievously pinching her butt as he walks behind, Rachel heads out on the town, as much under his control as ever.

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