MILF1649 - Mum's Mesmerizing Tits HD

15:44 video

POV. Rachel's stepson was in the hospital with a mysterious, potentially fatal illness. Immediately she went to his private room to be by his side. Her reason for doing so was that she wanted to lure him into sighing over his inheritance to her. When he opened his eyes, she was very relieved. Then, as she talked to him, he got the idea of putting on a sexy show for his benefit. Perhaps some sexual stimulation would make her stepson open to suggestion - she reasoned. Alone in the room, she first invited him to look at her luscious cleavage. Then she unbuttoned her blouse so he could see her big breasts heaving in her bra. She squeezed and caressed them for a while, then pulled them out of the bra so her stepson could get a load of their naked flash and erect nipples. Pulling back his bed sheet, she saw that his cock was big and hard. It was even bigger than his father's - she said. Next, she told him to start jerking it. Smiling mischievously, she dictated the tempo - slow, fast, faster, etc. Then she gave him a countdown to unleash his cum all over her breasts. After her stepson had regained his breath, Rachel gave him a second show. This time she gave him such an erotic tease with her breasts that he became mesmerized. Rachel took full advantage of his state to get him to sign the necessary forms concerning his inheritance. The young man was not completely ripped off. Rachel did promise to be his nurse when he was at home. At least he would get to see her do more sexy shows in her uniform. Maybe there would be some handjobs in it as well.

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