DID1344 - She MADE A Bad Choice HD

11:12 video

Rachel is a strong and confident woman. She looks and dresses great, runs her own business, and does not take any crap from anybody. When her husband cheats on her, she vows to take him to the cleaners. Little does she know it, but her husband is actually a powerful person in his own right. He is also very ruthless. She tells her secretary to call her moving company and have them come the next day. She does not realize that her estranged husband can listen in on all her calls and hears the whole conversation. Rachel finds that out one day while preparing to leave the house she can no longer stand to share with her husband. Hearing the doorbell, she assumes it is the moving company. She looks through the peephole and sees the back of a mover. As she steps away to open the door he slips on a mask. It is a bad mistake. The figure at the door is a masked goon hired by Rachel's husband to teach her a lesson. Walking boldly into the house, he grabs Rachel while her back is turned, and incapacitates her with an injection. Rachel manages a brief yelp of surprise before she slumps XXXXily through the man’s arms to lie XXXX on the floor. For a while after that, she knows little of what takes place. Her vision is blurred as she gazes up at her attacker. The goon freely strips her down to her lingerie, carries her dangling form into her bedroom, and tosses it down on her bed. Halfway through getting her pussy licked, Rachel begins to revive. However, she remains groggy, weak and confused. Sensing something is wrong, she murmurs an appeal to the goon. Do what you have to do, but please do not hurt me - she says. The goon responds to the that by XXXX her to suck deep on his cock. Then he fucks her hard in the missionary, doggy and cowgirl positions. Finally, he shoots his cum all over her big naked tits. Prior to leaving, he gives the shaken Rachel a warning. Your husband is more powerful than you realize - he says. If you keep fucking with him, we will keep fucking you.

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