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Rachel was a caring widowed mother. Her son Eric was a nice young man whose only misjudgment was hanging out with a troublemaker named Max. Rachel tried hard to end the association with them because she feared Eric would get a bad reputation or become corrupted. She had met Max herself on a few occasions and did not like him at all. He had a menacing and intimidating aura. Thus she was both glad and sorry when Eric went off to visit Europe for a few weeks. Although he would be away from Max's bad influence, she would miss him and worry about him while he was gone. Meanwhile, Max had plans for her now that he knew she would be at home by herself. He had always thought Rachel was a MILF and wanted to humble her for the cold way she acted around him. With that in mind, he went to the house one night and pretended that he wanted to see Eric. Rachel addressed him warily from the door. She suspected that Max knew her son had already left for Europe. Reluctantly she let him inside when he asked if he could use her phone charger. She figured it best not to be confrontational. But neither did she want to be around him while he was in her home. Going up to her closet, she started to sort out some clothes, waiting for Max to finish his business and leave. She made a bad mistake by letting him out of her sight. It allowed the young tough to sneak up on her and attack her from behind. The startled Rachel tried to scream, but a hand clamped down hard over her mouth. She struggled vainly for a moment, then grew weak from lack of air. At last, she slumped to the floor and became motionless and XXXX. She was out for the count. Sometime later - stripped down to her lingerie; gagged and bound - she lay sprawled out on her bed. Max was already touching her when she began to revive. By then she could do nothing to stop him. She was physically helpless and mentally dazed. Groans of distress were all she could manage as he exposed her breasts and pussy to his tweaking, probing touch. After he had put her on her hands and knees and fingered her roughly from behind, he XXXX her to suck his cock. Do what you want to me, but please do not hurt me - Rachel said in despair at one point. Pleas were the only recourse she had. Taking his cue from that, Max really went to work on his friend's hot mom. He lubed up her pussy and gave it a long and expert fingering that had Rachel hornily writhing and sighing against her will. The warm-up worked so well that she welcomed the moment when he shoved his cock into her. It was a marathon, high-octane ravishment that followed. Dominated in the missionary, doggy, and side-on positions, held tight in Max's clutches, Rachel moaned and gasped with a mixture of torment and arousal. Finally, she was made to jerk and suck the cum from his cock and take it all in her mouth. The shameful act seemed to bring Rachel back to her senses, and she afterward cursed Max for what he had done to her. He would pay for it - she promised him firmly, no longer afraid. He would pay for it very dearly indeed.

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