DID1393* - Dom Day Afternoon - HD

8:17 video

Professional dominatrix Rachel Steele was used to eccentric clients turning up to her house where she conducted her bondage sessions. The last one showed up at her door wearing coveralls and a ghoulish mask. Little did she know that he was a crazed sex fiend come to have his wicked way with her. She was so sure that he was a client that she did not even ask him to identify himself. Instead, she whisked him inside before her judgmental neighbors could see him. She then went straight to work, standing him against an X-frame and fastening his wrists in place using buckled leather manacles. In he to get on with things she did not do them properly. It was a bad mistake. Shortly into the session, after Rachel had verbally humiliated the man, raked her nails mischievously across his naked chest, and given him some tease-and-denial treatment, she turned away to pick a ball-gag. She intended to use it to further humiliate the man. But he turned the tables by suddenly breaking from his loose bindings and grabbing her roughly from behind. Rachel managed a brief yelp of surprise before she pinned her down on a nearby table. No longer a confident dominatrix, she pleaded with him. Do whatever you want, but please don't hurt me - she cried. The next thing she knew, the man had stripped her out of her leather outfit, leaving her in nothing but lingerie, garters, stockings, and heels. Her wrists and ankles had been bound together. Her mouth was plugged with her very own ball gag. Rendered thus helpless, she could do nothing to prevent her coming ordeal. First, briefly relieved of the ball gag, she was convinced to suck the man's cock while his hand pulled roughly at the back of her head. Then she was pushed onto her hands and knees and fucked hard and deep from behind. The dominant lady had become unenthusiastically submissive. When her moans and whimpers became too much for the man, he silenced her by making her wear the ball-gag again. He then fucked her some more on her side, in the missionary position, and from behind again. Finally, to Rachel's horror, he shot his load deep into defenseless pussy. Following the act, she collapsed on the bed, physically and mentally shattered. She was no longer a confident dominatrix. She was just a humbled woman, dreading the masked man's next move.

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