DID1203 - Mrs. Steele Taken hD

22:56 video

Mind Control. Rachel Steele was the loving and devoted wife of a highly successful businessman. Often she went to his office and served as his unofficial secretary in a desire to be as much help to him as possible. On one occasion, while he out of town visiting a client, she stayed on late and went over some of his papers. Barely had she begun when a young man named Rodney came in and asked to speak with Mr. Steele. Rachel answered that her husband was currently unavailable. Realizing that she was the wife of the man he wished to see, Rodney decided to address his business to her instead. He explained that he had just recently been fired by her husband, and that he was desperate to get his job back. Times were tough. But Rachel replied that she was in no position to help. She added that, if her husband had fired Rodney, he must have had a good reason. Her husband's wisdom and decision-making were always excellent in her eyes. Rodney seemed to give up his cause at that point. Before leaving, however, he asked Rachel if he could collect a wrist-watch that he had left on her husband's desk in a moment of distraction following his dismissal. Rachel did not recall ever seeing one there, but she nevertheless went over to look for it. While she had her back turned, Rodney stealthily took a long hypodermic needle from his shirt pocket and held it ready in his hand - in such a way that Rachel would not notice.

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