MILF1242 - Lick My Feet, Suck My Ass, Part 2 HD

13:12 video

Part two of MILF1240. Dallas had been awake the whole time. Now she tossed back her bed covers, opened her robe, and began squeezing her big tits and stroking her pussy. She had her own foot fetish, and had gotten just as horny about it as her daughter. She played with her self for a long time as she recalled the feeling of Misty making love to her feet. Eventually, having cum and recovered, she went naked to Misty's room to return the favor. Misty lay asleep with her naked feet on clear display. Dallas stooped and started licking the soles and sucking the toes while she grew ever more excited frigging her pussy. Suddenly Misty awoke and saw what was happening. There was no panic between mother and daughter as their eyes met. They knew this was what they wanted. Misty quickly got out of bed and on to her hands and knees - dropping her shoulders, pushing her butt out, presenting the soles of feet to her mother. Dallas bent and licked them more passionately than ever before. She then rubbed Misty's butt-cheeks, pressed her face into their crack, and tongued, licked and kissed it intimately. Misty moaned and sighed, loving such attention. Then it was her turn to do the same thing for her mother. After licking and kissing Dallas's naked soles, she kissed her butt-cheeks and licked and tongued thoroughly between them. All the while her mother moaned while vigorously rubbing her pussy. At last the two of them were spent. Their happiness overflowing, they came together and shared a long, loving kiss. There was no regret about crossing the line of taboo. Now they could content each other again and again as lovers - and indulge their mutual fetish for foot worship.

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