MILF1191* - Red MILF Diaries, The Interview

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Rachel got a phone call from John - the best friend of her stepson Jeremy - asking if he could interview her as his candidate for Stepmother of The Year in a school project. Rachel was flattered and amused by the idea, and readily agreed. She had suffered boredom and loneliness with her workaholic husband always away on business and Jeremy gone for an extended visit to England. When John turned up at her house, Rachel received him warmly. The young man had grown since she had last seen him, and he was very well-spoken and polite. He had brought a video camera with him in order to film the whole interview. Rachel had no problems with that. She was only too glad to help a friend of her stepson. Soon the interview was underway. John started out by asking Rachel if she had ever flirted with her stepson's best friends. Rachel was a little a surprised by the nature of the question, but she appreciated its mischievous side. She was in good spirits, sipping on her martini. Besides, John assured her the video would be edited afterwards. Feeling no need to hold back, Rachel admitted that she often had flirted with her stepson's friends and greatly enjoyed the attention they paid her. In casting her mind back, she recalled a scene in which her husband had resented her sharing a drink with one of them. It was a stark reminder of her strained and sexless marriage. Next up, John asked Rachel if she had ever caught any her of stepson's friends peeping on her. Rachel was again taken aback by the line of questioning, but nevertheless answered it. In doing so, she vividly recalled a time when she was in the shower, the water cascading down the curves of her body. Through a gap in the door one of her stepson's friends was greedily ogling every inch of her. A few martinis later, the interview had gotten even more open. Rachel confessed that she had engaged in sexual acts with several of her stepson's friends. She found it hard to resist their virile youthfulness - especially since her husband showed her such little affection himself. Again Rachel reflected in detail on some of her encounters. She saw herself passionately French-kissing one of her lovers. A second memory showed her stripping down to her lingerie, dropping to her knees, and wrapping her lips around another big young cock. For a long time she sucked off this friend of her stepson, all the while fondling her big tits with excitement. Later she lay back and had him lick her pussy, and then fuck her hard in the missionary with her legs spread wide. The tryst ended with her happily taking a mouthful of cum. John was intrigued and excited by Rachel's answer. He asked if she had ever been caught. Rachel replied that she had not, but she and her stepson's friends had often run great risks. She remembered an occasion when she started making out with one of them in her bedroom while her husband lay XXXX on the couch a few yards away. After some kissing, Rachel gave in to the need to fuck. On her back, she whispered ecstatically to her young lover to pound his cock as deep as he could into her pussy. He got her so hot that she finished up sucking him off until he covered her face and filled her mouth with his cum. This led Rachel to recall an even more outrageous fuck. She was in the pool room with her husband and another of her stepson's friends when she lost an earring behind the couch. Presently the friend came over and pretended to help. Screened by the back of the couch, Rachel started to get it on with him. The young man sucked on her big tits and gave her pussy a thorough licking - making her writhe wildly. It was a near miracle that her husband never caught them. She also pictured herself making out with one of the friend's in the guest room one night. There was plenty of French-kissing. Once again she had indulged her love for young-man-cum by letting him shoot all he had into her mouth. John wound up being immensely turned on by Rachel's descriptions of her sexual adventures. His imagination was all fired up. He wondered if Rachel would ever fuck him like she had done so many of her stepson's other friends. His mind wandered, and he daydreamed of Rachel dressed in a silk gown, leading him by the hand to her bed. There she unwrapped herself like a present for him, revealing herself in sexy lingerie. John kissed her, then turned his attention to her big tits. He saw himself fondling them, kissing their cleavage, suckling on their hardened nipples. He continued to do so on the bed. Then Rachel slid her panties off and presented her naked pussy for him to excite with his fingers. John imagined her returning the returning the favor by sensually licking her tongue the length of his cock and then sucking him deep into her mouth. After that Rachel laid on her back and invited him to fuck her. John threw himself into his fantasy. He fed his cock deep into Rachel's steaming pussy and pumped her for all he was worth. Finally he came inside heavily inside her. The next thing he knew, Rachel's voice was trying to get his attention. She was thanking him for his time, and stressing that he must edit out any compromising comments she had made during the interview. John took it in his best he could. As Rachel bade him goodbye and told him not to be a stranger, the young man felt a pang of regret. If only he could really be intimate with Rachel the way those other lucky young men had been. He would never give up hoping.

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