DID1032 Door to Door, Part 1

12:04 video

Part one of two. Dallas prided herself on being an ideal wife to her husband. She was always cheerful, liked to wear pretty dresses, and worked hard to keep the house neat and tidy. Her favorite show of affection was to a cook a delicious supper for when her husband was got home. She was busy doing this one day when a man called Joe called round. He explained that he was an involved in insurance and needed to go over some things with her husband. Dallas told him her husband was not in, but Joe came on inside. He wanted to discuss some details with Dallas. Dallas humored him for a moment, then politely asked him to leave. She did not know a lot about her husband's business, and she was bothered about what the neighbors might think of her having a strange man in her house. Above all things, she was a loyal wife. Joe was upset at being shunned. As he stood up to leave, something snapped inside him. Unconsciously he had been deeply aroused by the sight of the sweet, blonde and busty Dallas. Now all self-control deserted. Filled with a sudden, raging lust, he morphed into a dangerous attacker. One moment Dallas everything was fine for Dallas; the next, she was being grabbed by Joe. He wrapped a strong arm about her torso, pinning her against his body. At the same moment, he clamped his hand firmly over her mouth, reducing her attempted scream to a muffle. An alarmed Dallas struggled to break free of his clutches, but she did not have the strength to succeed. With her energy failing, she at last ceased to resist. Joe gave her extra cause to behave by warning of her serious consequences if she did not. The hapless housewife could see from look in his eyes that he was not a man to be crossed. Going into survival mode, she decided to cooperate to some extent. When Joe told her to get undressed on the spot, she grew very nervous. Nevertheless, she did as he said - even though she hated to think that a man other than her husband was watching her. Having removed her apron, dress, and bra, she stood shyly hugging herself. The only clothes she was still wearing were some white panties and some house. As Joe drew nearer to her, she became defensive - trying to brush him away while begging him one last time to leave. Joe was irritated. He thought he had made it clear to Dallas that she was to keep quiet and play ball. Now he saw there was nothing for it but to gag her with a kerchief that was lying around. This done, he helped himself to a handful of Dallas' big tits. He fondled them greedily and leaned down to suckle on their nipples. He then ordered Dallas to turn around in front of him so that he could appreciate her various angles. On making her bend over, he studied her shapely, hose-clad butt, and gave it a stinging slap.

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