DID1079 Wunder Woman Bred 2 The Video, Part 3

10:22 video

Part three of three. Never in his wildest dreams did the undercover IADC agent think he had be making love to the Amazing Amazon! He experienced incredible foreplay - caressing Wunder Woman’s curvaceous body, giving her an intense, erotic French-kiss, nursing on the nipples of her incomparable tits. Several more times he got to feel her lovely lips wrapped around his cock, fucking it up and down. Then he at last got to fuck her. Right then, pumping her pussy while she lay in the missionary position, Wunder Woman was the hottest he had ever seen. She panted and moaned loudly, holding her legs as wide apart so as to take the operative's cock as deep as possible. Her big tits shook from her fucking. She still wore her golden tiara, her bullet-deflecting bracelets, and red-knee high boots. They were a delicious reminded of her special identity. In due time, the operative fucked her doggy style. His ever-increasing excitement caused him to pound Wunder Woman's Amazonian pussy with a new level of passion and expertise. She went wild as his cock thrust hard into her sweetest depths. Finally, there was a second, crazed, bed-shacking fuck in the missionary position. Wunder Woman then jerked the operative’s cock until he blew a huge thick load into her open, hungry, welcoming mouth. This was one helping of cum that she was only too happy to receive. Afterwards, she and the operative dressed and said their goodbyes. However, there was one last thing Wunder Woman had to do before the portative went out the door. Slyly trapping him with her golden lasso of truth, she told him to forget all about their little bedroom adventure. After all, she had a nice clean reputation to uphold.

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