DID1205 Mrs. Steele Taken, Part 2

11:46 video

Part two of two. Mind Control. She was only vaguely aware that she was making out with a man; subconsciously, she took him to be her husband. Thus, in body, she reacted with instinctive willingness. She shared a long, passionate French-kiss with Rodney, and welcomed his fingers rubbing at her pussy through the satin crotch of her panties. Rachel's illusion of being with her husband continued through all the foreplay that followed. She moaned and shifted sensually on the bed as she felt Rodney's fingers slip inside of her pussy. Then her bra was gone and her bare breasts exposed to his greedy fondling and sucking. All the while, she continued her tongue-twisting kiss with her deceiver. Even when Rachel opened her eyes, she failed to tell Rodney from her husband. She had been put into a state of dreamlike, near-hallucination by the injection. She had no idea of the truth, and thus she gave herself to Rodney without hesitation. Indeed, she was as horny as she had ever been. In a short time, she had pulled his pants down, taken hold of his cock, and proceeded to stroke and lick and suck it with the utmost enthusiasm. Wantonly she lavished it with her tongue and eased her tautened lips up and down its throbbing length. Her mouth filled, she made contented, cooing sounds. When she could speak, she praised the cock of the man she thought was her husband - telling him how hot she was for it. Then she was eager to get it inside of her. Climbing on top of Rodney, she eased her hot pussy down over his cock, and rode it hard - until breasts heaved from her breathless, excited panting. Her dirty-talk flowed as she urged her supposed husband to give her all he had. An amused Rodney added to her enjoyment by rubbing his thumb over her exposed clit at the same time. After that, Rachel got down on her hands and knees and welcomed being taken from behind. Here she experienced hitherto unknown heights of pleasure. Panting, her big breasts swaying beneath her from the virile, jolting fuck-thrusts of Rodney, she cried out ecstatically for him to give her more. She had never known her husband to be so good bed as he was right then. Finally, she rolled over and presented her face and breasts as a target for Rodney's shooting cum. The young man did not disappoint. He splattered with a copious amount of creamy man-juice. In the aftermath, while Rachel lay XXXXily cleaning his cock with her tongue, Rodney took out his cell phone and captured some graphic footage of the act. As for Rachel, she now came out of the state that the injection had put her in. Rubbing her head and groaning, she glanced over at Rodney and exclaimed in XXXX and shock. Aware of her nakedness, she blushed and covered her breasts with a pillow. She demanded to know what Rodney was doing in her bedroom - and what he had done to her. Rodney grinned and ignored her questions. Calmly, he told Rachel that he now expected her to get him his job back. Better still, she would talk her husband into giving him a raise. Angry and bewildered, Rachel asked how and why should she do such a thing. Rodney provided the answer by showing her the footage he had captured on his cell heroine. If Rachel did not do all that he wanted, he would send the footage straight to her husband. Rachel wept upon seeing the evidence of her unwitting adultery. She felt ashamed of herself, but would rather meet Rodney’s demand than confess the devastating truth to her husband. She could not bear to have him know such a terrible thing. She still loved him dearly, and wanted to be a good wife to him. It wasn't her fault she had fucked another man and liked it.

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