DID478 Wunder Woman Surrenders, Part 1

12:08 video

Part one of three. Wunder Woman keeps foiling Fausta's evil plots. She decides to get revenge again. She lays a trap for Wunder Woman. Wunder Woman is creeping around Fausta's lair when Fausta grabs her from behind and holds the heroine at bay. Wunder Woman allows herself to be held knowing that she can break free at any time. She taunts Fausta and when she tries to break free she discovers that her super powers are not working. Fausta tells her that her powers are neutralized in her lair. Fausta cuffs her hands behind her back and fondles her massive breasts. Fausta drags Wunder Woman away and puts her in a large cell. Wunder Woman stands in the prison and spies a camera on the wall. She tries to break the cuffs but fails. Her powers are still not working. She talks seductively to the camera knowing her captor is watching. She flaunts herself in front of the camera hoping to lure her captors back in so she can escape. Fausta enters the cell and rips her lasso off and places it around her waist. She asks Wunder Woman if she likes to be dominated and XXXX to cum. Wunder Woman cannot lie and admits that she likes it. Fausta leads Wunder Woman out of her cell and takes her into her lair. Wunder Woman is bound, hands in the air. Fausta fondles and taunts Wunder Woman. Fausta makes her spread her legs and applies a vibrator to her sensitive crotch. Fausta pulls down her top and fondles and sucks Wunder Woman's large bare breasts.

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