DID548 Vigilantes, Part 1

15:48 video

Part one of two. Vic and his buddy were sitting around discussing getting laid. Vic suggested a XXXX but his buddy did not want to pay for it. Besides, they were expensive and he was against them being in the neighborhood. They did not particularly have a problem with them, just not in their neighborhood. XXXX was rising in what used to be a nice area. There had been several community meetings with the police to clean it up. The neighbors did not see any change at all. The property values were dropping. One day two men discussed their disgust with the situation and decided to take matters in their own hands. Vic suggested they get a XXXX, get their rocks off, stiff her and then kick her out. He drove to the street corner where a blonde slut always worked. She strutted her stuff over to him. He negotiated a rate for two guys and told her to hop in the car. Sara walked in and asked them what they wanted. The man said two blowjobs. She smiled and strutted her smutty ass towards the couch. They did not waste any time before they both had their cocks out. She grabbed one in her hand and the other in her mouth. After a few moments. One of the men said he was going to get a beer. He returned with a rag which he placed over her mouth choking her out. When she awoke she was spread eagle in a swing that hung from chains from the ceiling. Her wrists where taped to the sides her mouth gagged. One pulled her backwards and yanked out her gag. She told them she would do whatever they wanted. She just wanted to get back to her corner. He shoved his cock deep into her throat while the other licked her pussy. The men took turns fucking her loose pussy. She fought but was bound to tight. They cut her loose and bent her over an ottoman. One man fucked her doggy while the other shoved his cock down her throat.

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