DID643 Nosy Reporter Nailed, Part 1

10:00 video

Part one of two. A man was accused of being a sexual offender. He spent his last days before his trial hiding from the press. Stacie, a young reporter new to the game had her job on the line. Her boss told her if she did not get an interview she would lose her job. Stacie managed to sneak away to the suspect's house. She XXXX at the door. The man was furious when he saw who she was. She babbled on about how she believed he was innocent and just wanted to get the truth out for him. The man slammed the door in her face. Stacie was a snoopy bitch and would not take no for an answer. She XXXX again this time the man was boiling mad. He again cursed at her and slammed the door. Stacie decided to snoop around, she went through his trash and found a folder with half naked women‘s photos in it. There were handwritten love notes also. She knew she had something! She got confident and began to peek in his windows. She went to all sides of his house. When she got close she could see the man in the living room. She was so excited she reached for her phone to sXXXX some pictures, when she did she accidently hit a bell on his porch. She bolted away into the yard. The man heard the bell and looked outside. He saw Stacie running away with a file in her hands. He took off after her. He quickly caught her because she was running in heels. He covered her mouth and dragged her inside. Once inside he overpowered her, tying her wrists and gagging her. The man was doomed so he knew he had nothing to lose. He stripped her from the waist down. Pulling her pantyhose to her ankles. He played with her bald pussy as she pushed against his chest.

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