DID979 The Gift

15:47 video

Angel had a stalker. He prowled around her house and peeped in on her as she undressed. After enjoying the sight of her lolling around topless on her bed, he decided it was time he made a move for her. In his possession was a magical ring that allowed him to control the mind of whoever wore it. He wrapped it up in gift paper, placed it on Angel's doorstep, rang her bell, then quickly sneaked and hid. Having collected her mysterious present, Angel stood in her home examining it. She had no idea who had give her such a ring, but she assumed it must have been an admirer. She thought it so beautiful that she could not resist putting it on her finger right away. The moment she did so, she came over light-headed, then swooned and crashed on the couch in a deep and instant asleep. The next day, while Angel was up and about, acting as if nothing had happened, the stalker phoned and pretended to be a security system salesman. He set up a meeting with Angel at her house, put on a fake uniform, and came on over. After sitting and small-talking with her for a while, he was convinced she had fallen under the spell of the ring. Switching tack, he asked Angel if she had any rope in the house. She said that she did, and immediately went to fetch it. When she brought it back, she asked her master what he wanted her to do with it. The stalker's response was to strip her down to her underwear, and use the rope to bind ankles together and her hands behind her back. In her mind-controlled state, Angel was obedient and willing the whole time. While she sat restrained on the couch, the stalker asked her if she liked being tied up, and if she'd like to be fucked that way. Angel replied that she did and that she would. She then asked the stalker to fuck her. Although the stalker was pleased to see to see how mentally enslaved Angel was, he wished her to give him a blowjob first. On being asked if she would like to have a cock shoved down her throat until she gagged, Angel again responded positively. In a few moments she got her chance to experience it. The stalker took off his pants and boxers and stood before her. Angel then leaned forward, opened her mouth, and started sucking his cock. For a long time she fucked her face back on forth on it. Several times the stalker thrust his cock hard into her mouth while simultaneously pulling on her head. The move caused Angel to swallow his cock so deep that she indeed ended up gagging, choking and gurgling violently. Afterwards, still at the ring's mercy, she told the stalker that she enjoyed it very much. Next up, the stalker pulled off Angel's panties, laid her back on the couch, and started fucking her. Every time he asked Angel if she liked a certain sexual thing, she'd reply that she did. She told him how much she liked getting fucked in the missionary position, and that the stalker's every wish was her command. Having received a long, hard pounding, she gladly obeyed the stalker's request to get on her hands and knees for some doggy-style action. Yet again she behaved as the stalker's perfect, willing, mind-controlled sex-slave. She groaned and moaned, enjoying her deep dicking, till the stalker was ready to cum. She then lay down, opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out in eager anticipation. The stalker did not leave her wanting. He filled her mouth and panted her lips, chin and cheeks with his shooting white juice. When he was done, he quietly gathered up his clothes. Lastly, he pulled the ring off her finger. Angel lay in a happy daze on the couch. She would never know why, or with whom, she did such wild sexual things that day.

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