Fetish188 - Foot Boy

12:15 video

Addie got from home a long day at work and her feet were aching badly. Luckily she had a special foot slave named Robert to take care of her. While she sat down on her couch, he was stood motionless in the corner, facing the wall. By means of a special handheld device, Addie controlled Robert and got him to come over, kneel before her outstretched legs, and slowly take off her shoes to reveal her bare and pretty feet. For a while she made him rub her soles and massage her delicate foot-bones. Then she made Robert completely freeze. Reveling in the feel of his hands gently holding her feet, she leaned back on the couch, closed her eyes, and sighed. She was so happy to have such an excellent foot slave. He would do anything she wanted. Presently, Addie set him back into motion and had him massage her feet more thoroughly. Next she made him lick her feet in every possible way. He started with the left one and moved on to the right. He licked Addie the length of her soles and between her toes. Then he sucked each of her toes in turn. Addie was delighted. Again she froze Robert so that she could dwell on the pleasant sensations he was giving her. Following that, she had him kiss all over her soles, her toes, and the tops of her feet. Already his tender attentions had made them feel much, much better. Finally, she ordered Robert to lie down and take her feet pressed in his face. This way she had him submissively sniff them, then give them a long last licking, kissing and massage. She felt so relaxed afterwards that she leaned back on the couch and prepared to go to XXXX. First, however, she used her device to make Robert got back to his place in the corner. There he would stay - until the next time she wanted some loving care lavished on her feet.

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