HJ127 - Man in Waiting

11:52 video

Rachel has been at work all day. At home before she left she prepared a young neighborhood boy by stripping him naked and cuffing him to a table. She gagged him to keep him silent. When she came home, she changed out of her work clothes into something more comfortable. Rachel walked by him to pour herself a glass of wine. He had to wait for her all day. Rachel had a sip of wine and sat on the couch looking at her victim for the evening. She oiled up his cock and straddled him on the table; her idea of a relaxing night was to have a cock at her mercy to play with. She loved to tease his cock. Rachel stroked it slowly, playing with his hole and twisting her hand around the head. She used her nails to scratch up his shaft. He moaned each time she did a different maneuver. Rachel giggled at his helplessness. She occasionally licked and flicked her hot tongue on the head. She began to pick up the pace, jerking him, spitting on him to keep him wet. She focused on his head because she knew how sensitive he was. When she felt his cock engorge, she would stop and tell him to make his cock dance for her amusement. He did everything she demanded. Rachel wanted to see how much cum he had saved for her laying there all day so she told him to shoot it on her polka a dotted top, She uncuffed his hands and told him to jerk it off on her top, her shot a load so fast and hard it hit him in the neck, Rachel was very pleased. She rubbed her chest over his cum filled body and left him there gagged for the next time she felt like playing. 12 minutes long. 3 minutes free.

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