MILF1103 - Nephew Needs Focus and a Fuck HD

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Rachel's young nephew had been living with her for the past two years. Blain was an honor roll student, but he was having trouble in one of his classes. Rachel went to see the school counselor about it. He told Rachel that he thought Blain was struggling because he was strongly attracted to his professor. She was a very sexy red-head who happened to bear a striking resemblance to Rachel herself. The counselor felt that the professor's likeness to Rachel was the real reason why Blain fancied her so much. He was projecting his lustful feelings for his aunt on to this other woman. Rachel was surprised by this news, but she tried to be understanding about it. Back at home she raised the subject with Blain. She got him to admit that he thought his professor was hot. He then hinted at the same thing the counselor had suggested: that the real reason he liked her was because she reminded him of his aunt. Rachel was flattered. Once agian she showed great understanding and sensitivity. She knew that young men's hormones could go wild and even lead to them to fantasize about their own mothers or sisters. At the time, however, she felt there was nothing she could personally do for him. Instead she called up her best friend and arranged for her daughter to go on a date with Blain. She knew the girl was hot and should help to take Blain's mind off both Rachel and the professor. That night, though, Blain came home early. He told Rachel the date had been a flop. He and the girl had little in common. Rachel was disappointed, but not defeated. For her next move she put a porno magazine under Blain's pillow. She figured that it might help Blain to release all his pent-up sexual urges. But Blain once again failed to play along. He found the magazine, tuned his nose up at it and handed it back to his aunt! At last Rachel decided to take matters into her own hands. She stood in a short robe as she called her nephew into her room. She began teasing Blain by saying that she had a date with a young stud. Blain asked her who it was, and Rachel replied that it was him! She then undid her robe to reveal herself in skimpy dress that gave her nephew a tantalizing view of her big-breasted cleavage. Blain could hardly believe it as his gorgeous, elegant aunt sat him down in a chair and started to kiss him on the mouth. This was a dream come true for the troubled student. Rachel was equally happy. She had constantly been turned on by the way Blain looked at her whenever she wore something revealing. Now she realized that this fantasy was as much hers as her nephew's. Together the couple went on to have tremendous sex. Blain sucked on his aunt's tits, then rolled her on to her back and parted her sleek legs wide so as to give her pussy a long, deep and loving licking. Rachel then got down on her knees and gave her nephew a sensual blow job. Blain finished up by pounding his aunt in the missionary position before pulling out and feeding her hungry mouth with all the cum he had. Afterwards, Rachel felt sure that her nephew would do better in his class. He need not get distracted by the lookalike professor since he could come and fuck the real thing whenever he wanted.

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