MILF1141 - Classics Oedipal Complex

29:11 video

Rachel was having big problems with her son Alex. At 22 years of age he was a complete sap. He could not let go of his mother’s apron strings and he followed her around with a puppy-like devotion. He even insisted on accompanying her when she went bra-shopping. It was all deeply embarrassing and frustrating for Rachel. The final straw for the mother came when Alex joined her on one of her dates. Unsurprisingly, things did not go well for Rachel that night. Afterward, she sought help by calling her good friend Bella - a hot MILF like herself. Bella was a wild spirit who made a living putting on domination shows. Rachel asked her to come over and put her expertise to work on Alex. With luck she might set him straight and make a man out of him. Rachel certainly hoped so. Alex’s behaviour had affected her private life for many years. Being single and having gone so long without a good hard cock had stretched her patience near to breaking point. She was only too glad when her friend arrived and went off to see Alex while he was alone and moping on the couch. Bella started out by asking him why he was so fawningly devoted to his mother. She tried to convince him that he should be getting out the house and mixing with other women. It was all to no avail. Alex could not think of anything beside his Rachel. She was a goddess to him. Bella realized she had to have to go to plan B. It was to time to get tough and sexy with the drippy young man. Standing dominantly over him, Bella undid her dress and let it fall to reveal herself in a tight, shinny black corset and matching thigh-high boots. Finally Alex seemed to have an inkling that there might be more than woman in the world. But Bella still had work to do. She sat next to Alex - exposing her big tits for his enjoyment while she aggressively pulled his cock out his pants. She knew from experience that this was the surest way to persuade a man. While she stroked Alex’s big member up and down, she ordered him to give his mom some space - or else. Alex was trapped. He was far too much of a sissy to challenge the strong-willed Bella, but his mom was everything to him! He was convinced the two of them needed no one but each other to make them happy. Bella guessed his thoughts. She knew that the only way to really cure Alex was to give him his heart’s desire - his own mother. Rachel had been watching the scene unobserved for some time. Her sex-starved body could not help being turned on by the hot action she had witnessed. Due to her arousal and her own understanding that she alone could influence Alex to behave himself, Rachel entered at her friend’s bidding. Soon she was in the midst of the action - stripped down to her sexy see-through underwear while Alex himself lay naked and ready. The horny mother told him firmly but lovingly to change his ways - at the same time allowing him to suckle and nurse on her beautiful big tits while she and Bella jointly jerked his cock. Alex was at last starting to get the message. He must not XXXX the woman he loved and lusted after so intensely. On condition that Alex allow her to go out alone and have fun whenever she wanted, Rachel went ahead and sucked his cock. She kissed and licked it with a mother’s sensual loving. Then Bella too got in on the act and expertly continued the young man‘s treat. Next came the biggest treat of all. Getting on to her hands and knees, Rachel invited her son to experience the joy of actually fucking her - something he would get to do again and again if he kept his promise to change his sappy, dependent ways. It was hard for the mother to feign being cross at her son as he shoved his big cock into her hungry pussy and pounded her so skilfully. Her words of chastisement were constantly mingled with groans of pleasure and sudden of bursts of forbidden dirty-talk. It was a very erotic sight for Bella, and she soon became eager to try out the big-cocked mother-lover herself. When her chance finally came, she got on her back and parted her legs wide to take Alex’s member as deep into her pussy as she could. She moaned and taunted him as she fucked her with a virile maturity that belied his clingy personality. At last, at Bella’s begging, the young man pulled his cock out and shot all his creamy white load over the foot of the dominatrix’s black PVC boots. Rachel and Bella had drained him well. And so their mission was finally accomplished. Alex would do everything Rachel said from now on. He was to start by cleaning Bella’s cum-covered boots - while she and Rachel went freely out on the town and hunted down some more good, hard cock.

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